Motherhood. The Toughest Job In The World.


Motherhood. It’s not just a title. It’s a job. And a very important one at that. It is one of the most rewarding, yet toughest jobs all at the same time. And it’s a job that requires full time attention 24 hours a day. There are no breaks or sick days.

Motherhood is one of the most important things many women do in their lives. Not only do we have to care for every aspect of our children’s lives, we have to teach, shape, and mold them to become caring, giving, loving, productive adults. We have to guide them down a path for their future. And I learned from the very best. My mom taught me, and still teaches me, everything I could have asked for. She has been a wonderful guidance in my life, supporting me through every decision I have made in my life. She’s been a rock and a cheerleader.

Mom Kids SDC
My mom and I with my children at Silver Dollar City this Spring.


Because motherhood is so important, it can be very rewarding. From seeing your baby take their first steps and say their first words, to seeing your teenager excelling in sports and school. After a long difficult day, a hug from your child, tucking them in at night, checking in on them before you go to bed seeing them asleep. Those are the moments that make motherhood worth every sacrifice. Among all of the duties that we perform as a mother, being a cheerleader is one of the very most rewarding. Seeing your child grow into an adult, following their dreams and pursuing their passions, and cheering for them every step of the way. That is the best part of the job!

I’m not going to lie, just like anything else in life, with rewards also come difficulties, and challenges. Being everything to a child doesn’t come easy. As a mother we are a nurse, teacher, taxi service, chef, maid, counselor, coach, finance manager, bank, caregiver, listener. We get to hear about the good stuff as well as the bad stuff, and console our children when they hit bumps in the road, using them as teaching experiences. We also get to experience the good stuff and the bad stuff when they do as they are asked, and when they begin testing the waters and becoming defiant teenagers. As parents we typically see the best and the worst of our children. Who else would they be more comfortable with letting down their guard and vulnerability. Some children are easy to raise, others are much more difficult. Some children never get into trouble, others are constantly in trouble. Some children require more attention and emotional availability than others. Some children require more guidance and more hand holding than others. Being a mother can be more difficult than any other job in the world. Trying to figure out our children, their needs, their abilities, what drives them, how to deal with their personalities. Let’s be honest, every mother has had her share of days that she just wants to throw her hands in the air and be done, or sit down and have a good cry. It comes with the territory. We are EVERYTHING to our children. And it takes a lot of you to be EVERYTHING.

Mom Baking
My mom helping my children with our annual Christmas Cookie baking.


Being a mother is tough enough with a partner or spouse along your side to help guide, shape, mold, and care for your children. But doing it alone is even more challenging, and more exhausting. I’ve been there. Although for a brief period of time in comparison, I was a single mom. I get it. Whether you are a single mom with an ex spouse in the picture, or a single mom with no prior spouse in the picture, it’s tough. Several of my dearest friends are single parents, and I have seen their rewards as well as their challenges and struggles. They each are a single parent for different reasons, and each have different struggles due to their individual situations.  I have heard the praises and the laughs, and I have also heard the fear and the tears. Being a single mom takes on a completely different level of parenting, and fear. Fear that you aren’t able to be EVERYTHING to your child. That you aren’t able to be good enough, strong enough, make the right decisions. But I can tell you that each one of these women that I know is a fantastic parent. Their children are their world, and they would each sacrifice EVERYTHING for them. Whether they realize it or not, they are EVERYTHING and are doing EVERYTHING as best they can. So today, and on this Mother’s Day weekend, I want to honor my dear friends who are single moms. I want to tell them that they are doing a great job and raising wonderful children. I want to tell them that they are loved dearly. If you know a single mom out there, take time this weekend to tell her how important she is. To tell her “Happy Mother’s Day”.  Wishing my friends, and all the single mother’s out there, a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!

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