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I have been a little absent the past several months. As much as I enjoy writing, as much as creating posts is a release for me, I had to realize that with three children and all that comes with a busy life, some things had to give. As much as I like to think I am Super Woman, the reality is that I am not. I’m just another mom trying to keep up with all that a busy life throws my way, just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, I have to prioritize, and that means letting go sometimes. So although I enjoy writing, sometimes it just creates one more thing in my day, meaning something else doesn’t get done.

That being said, it’s a new year. With a new year of course comes many thoughts, challenges, and plans. We all have the best of intentions at the beginning of the year. Resolutions we make, goals we set, plans we put into place. In my post the beginning of last year, Here’s to health!, I talked about how I don’t make resolutions. But I had a goal of getting in better shape, and losing the last few pounds of remaining baby weight from my third child. I worked really hard for a few months, ate right, exercised, and made time for myself. I reached my goal and was back to my pre-third-child weight (although we all know that body shapes change no matter how hard you work!). But soon after that, even with the best of intentions, life got in the way. I quit watching what I was eating as closely, okay I quit watching what I was eating altogether, and I didn’t make time to exercise. Super Woman was gone. Just regular old mom was back. And with that, so was the weight I had worked hard to lose, and the body toning I had worked hard to gain.

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Then summer came, along with my 39th birthday. Reality set in. I started having somewhat of a mid-life crisis. I am no longer the young girl that didn’t have to work to feel good about my body. I have lots of aches and chronic pain I didn’t have several years ago, much that gets in the way of exercising the way I want to. And I have additional weight and a changing body shape that I didn’t have several years ago. And oh my God, I’m going to be 40! 40!

I remember a time that seems like just yesterday when I thought 40 was old. A time when I was invincible and had much fewer responsibilities than I do now. And now, 40 is almost here. It hit me really hard, and I started to feel really old, and dissect many things in my life.

So now, 6 months later, 40 is even closer. And every day that passes my body feels older. As much as I began to dread turning 40, I had to force myself to try to change my mindset. With this new year, I am challenging myself to work harder so that I can feel better and be healthier. This time it isn’t about reaching a weight goal, but more about making lifestyle changes so that I feel better, am healthier, and can give a better part of myself to my family. Turning 40 with a two year old brings it’s own set of challenges. Feeling tired and in pain all the time only makes raising a toddler that much more challenging. Although I can’t change the sleepless nights, I can eat right and exercise more to have more energy.

I know there are many others that have the same thoughts and feelings as I do. So I challenge all of you that are or are almost 40 to challenge yourself. Let’s show the world that 40 is the new 30. We are strong women, and have so much to give. But if we don’t take care of ourselves, as many of us don’t, it is harder to give our best to those we love. As I approach the big 4-0 in a few months, I am going to continue to remind myself that we all age. I am no different than anyone else. I am going to accept that our bodies change as we age, but it is more important than ever to do my best to take care of it. I may not look like I did 20 years ago, but I have 20 more years of experiences, each of which I have learned and grown from. I may not look the way I did 20 years ago, but I have just as much if not more to give to those I love.

So come on 2015, and turning 40. I will meet this challenge head on. With the best of intentions, I know I will have shortcomings. But I will do my best to overcome them, and realize that I am not Super Woman. I am just a mom, like every other mom out there. But I will work hard to give my best, and be my best, for myself and my family. 40 doesn’t have to be something scary and awful (voice inside my head reminding me that this is true…). It can be an awakening of the mind, body, and soul. And that is my intention.

Here’s to a new year, a new mindset, and turning 40! Bring it on!


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