Bugs Be Gone!


It’s that time of year, time for those pesky little pests to start buzzing around, biting and landing on our food. Yuck! I love summer, but I could do without the bugs that come with it.

I don’t like to use chemical laden bug sprays and bug bite cures, especially on my kids. Through my essential oil obsession, using different oils and products, and researching the qualities of different oils, I have found a few things that work great for me. Try them, you will be surprised at how well something natural like this can really work.

 Bug Repellent Spray

Making your own bug repellent is simple, and easy! All you need Is a glass spray bottle and the following ingredients:

2 tsp. natural vegetable glycerin

2 tsp. natural aloe vera gel

24 drops Young Living Purification Essential Oil

12 drops Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

12 drops Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

Fill remainder of bottle with distilled water

Combine all of the ingredients in a glass spray bottle, shake, and spray to apply as needed. This mixture can safely be applied to the skin, and is safe to use on children. Spray it on your body, patio furniture, etc. to deter bugs from coming near you. You can also create a barrier for yourself by placing a drop on a cottonball or paper towel on a table.

All of the essential oils used in this bug repellent blend naturally repel bugs. And it doesn’t have an offensive smell for humans, so never fear repelling the wrong species when wearing this repellent!

If you haven’t tried essential oils, check out the information on my Young Living website to learn more about these fantastic natural oils.

If you happen to be out and not have your DIY Natural Bug Repellent Spray, never fear. If the bugs attack you, there is also a natural way to help calm and soothe the itch. Just try a drop of Lavender Essential Oil.

Bug Bite Be Gone Lavender

Never fear those buzzing pests this summer. You will be armed with a natural defense and know that you are not putting something harmful on your family.


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