Proud Mama Moment


Last week Garrett casually mentioned that he was going to be receiving an award at the 6th grade awards assembly for being on the honor roll. He doesn’t often bring things up on his own, rather it’s usually like pulling teeth to get anything out of the boy. I do my best to attend as many of my children’s activities as possible, and since Garrett made special mention of this one, I made sure to be there.

I sat down and began looking at the program that I had been handed. Come to find out, not only was Garrett receiving an award for the honor roll, he was receiving an Academic Letter for maintaining a GPA all year of 3.7 or higher. There were 17 kids receiving this honor, 6 of which maintained all A’s for the year. Garrett happened to be in those 6! As I looked around at all of the other kids in the gymnasium who did not receive this award, I realized even more how much of an accomplishment this was.


I am so proud of his hard work and effort this year in his first year of middle school. Going in to the year I feared that it might be difficult. Garrett doesn’t always do well with lots of changes, and middle school is full of them. From a new learning environment, change in the daily schedule, higher expectations, to new building and teachers. I braced myself for a tough year. And it started out a little rocky with lots of trips to the nurses office with stomach aches and headaches. But after awhile he settled in and seemed to be doing much better.

In the past several years my kids have been through a lot. Mom and dad got divorced, they began living in two different homes, I have moved twice, they changed schools, I got remarried. A lot of kids would have struggled a lot with all of these transitions in such a short time. Don’t get me wrong, there have been, and still are, many difficult times full of anxiety for them. But overall they have adjusted well. And maintained good grades. I feel at this moment that I must be doing something right, as hard as it is at times. Through all of this, and just growing up in general, they have maintained a desire to learn and be at school. Testimony to good parenting, and the resilience of children.

I often get frustrated with Garrett for his laziness and desire to do nothing but watch TV or play video games. But in a moment like this I am proud that he does have the inner desire to learn and succeed. Mom is proud of you G, don’t ever give up that desire. You can succeed at whatever you put your mind and heart to! I look forward to seeing what the next several years bring for him!


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