My Real Life


I’m Laura, 30-something (rapidly getting closer to the something side) now 40-year-old wife of Jeff and mom to Garrett, Lydia, and Brett; and our two boxers, Priest and Mia.


My Resume

For many years I fit jobs into my life instead of fitting life into my job or career. In the past I held roles as a Manual Writer, Associate Buyer, Executive Assistant, Financial Analyst, and Technical Writer around several years of being a stay-at-home mom. Yes, my experience has run the gammut. As a mom many times you and your career take the back seat to the family. But I wouldn’t give up the time that I have had at home with my children while they were little, and the flexibility that the roles I held through this time gave for my family. My husband and I own our own business, through which we contract Physician Assistant Psychiatric services to local clinics and nursing homes. And recently I took on a new endeavor creating a skin care company After struggling with an auto immune skin disease, Lichen Sclerosus, and finding no medical treatments that helped relieve the symptoms, I developed a formula that worked. Now this formula is being sold through my website to help relieve symptoms associated with abnormal skin conditions.


My Education

I am a graduate of Drury University in Springfield, MO with a degree in Communication. I grew up in the small town of Kimberling City, MO. After college I moved to St. Louis, MO, and after many years of living in the St. Louis area I am back home enjoying the small town life in Springfield, and being closer to my parents.


All About Me

After several difficult years I have finally truly found happiness, and an amazing partner to share it with. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger right? And with age comes experience? I have certainly gained strength and experience in the past several years and am using that to drive my new happiness.

I love anything creative, but with the busy, chaotic life of children in sports, I don’t get much time to partake in creative activities. I used to be “that mom” who did all of the fun and exciting projects, crafts, and fun food for the kids. Unfortunately I hate to admit that it has gone by the wayside as the years have gone by and life has gotten busier. When I have time I enjoy working on home remodeling projects, working outside in the yard, craft and home décor projects, whipping up skin care formulations, and cooking.

I enjoy working out and running when I can, but I have a tendency to put those aside and not make the time that I should for them. And as I get older, my body has different ideas of what it wants me to do, and often tells me through aches and pains to remember that I am not as young as I used to be! I am working on trying to be better about taking time for myself to take care of myself, and keep myself healthy.

I enjoy spending time with my family and doing things together. We spend a lot of time at the soccer field and on the volleyball court for the two older children, with a toddler in tow! Now life is getting even busier as the toddler becomes involved in his own activities, gymnastics, swimming lessons, and soccer. The mom taxi is always on the go!

I enjoy ending my busy day with a glass of red wine while watching television with my husband after the kids have all gone to bed. We tend to watch a few different reality shows (although over time we get bored with these as it becomes all about the drama and ratings), Law & Order SVU, Shark Tank, Big Bang Theory, DIY programs, and have recently gotten in to Netflix. We are always on the lookout for a new show to watch!  A small amount of adult time in our busy kid-centered life.

Fall is my favorite season, I love to be outside in the cooler weather, I enjoy sitting by an outdoor fire, and love looking at the beautiful color in the leaves. Nature has a certain serenity for me as I grew up at the lake, and have always enjoyed the outdoors. Christmas is my favorite holiday, I love all of the decorations and lights, shopping for my loved ones, and most of all, the spirit of giving.

We eat fairly healthy, have gone gluten free for the most part, and have toyed around with some different ways of eating such as paleo. In the past few years I have focused on removing as many chemicals as I can from our home, began using essential oils, and making my own cleaning products. Although my husband often teases me about it, there are many times when he comes to appreciate the new way of life. Especially when an essential oil helps an ache or pain!

I guess that’s me in a nutshell!


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  1. I was diagnosed with LS shortly after the death of my 25 yr old daughter. I use oils and coconut oil…when I get stressed it gets worse….I have just found out my back and neck are in really bad shape….I believe this will assist in fighting this. I am changing my diet drastically. I thought I was eating pretty good…but with our food source the way it is and me having thyroid and LS I am making a change. Has your research found stress to be a huge factor?

    1. Hi Lisa! The research that I have seen, it does seem that stress can cause symptoms to worsen. LS is considered an auto-immune disease, and stress is known to worsen those conditions due to the immune system being down during times of high stress.

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