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  1. I only recent learned that I too have Lichen. All this time I just thought it was scarring from childbirth stuff. I was both relieved and distraught at learning what I had, and scared to death that this may be as good as it gets. Like you, I scoured the internet to find clues, answers, advice, recipes and literally stumbled upon your article and Restore oil. I bought some and instantly cried. Finally I felt some relief. Even for the bit of time that it lasted, I look forward to being able to “reapply” vs gritting my teeth when I applied what the Dr had given me. I think it’s helping, but minimally it’s comforting. And I find that to be a great start. I am only on my 2nd bottle, but my Dr was thrilled when I shared the product with her and your story. Thank you for being a Pioneer. I look forward posting more success.

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