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  1. I only recent learned that I too have Lichen. All this time I just thought it was scarring from childbirth stuff. I was both relieved and distraught at learning what I had, and scared to death that this may be as good as it gets. Like you, I scoured the internet to find clues, answers, advice, recipes and literally stumbled upon your article and Restore oil. I bought some and instantly cried. Finally I felt some relief. Even for the bit of time that it lasted, I look forward to being able to “reapply” vs gritting my teeth when I applied what the Dr had given me. I think it’s helping, but minimally it’s comforting. And I find that to be a great start. I am only on my 2nd bottle, but my Dr was thrilled when I shared the product with her and your story. Thank you for being a Pioneer. I look forward posting more success.

  2. thank you so much for putting out there what every women who suffers from LS goes through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart here in PA

    1. Michaelyn,
      You are welcome. It is very fulfilling to be able to help other women who suffer from the same condition, to have some hope for a better future living with this condition!

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