So what is in a name? How do we come up with names? Something we have heard that we like, someone we are fond of, or sometimes something we make up. When deciding on the name for my blog, I thought about my life, and what I want to share or accomplish through this blog. Therein the blog name was born.


My 9 year old daughter is all about peace. Okay, maybe not peace with her brother, maybe peace signs. They are on everything, her clothing, her gloves and hat, the décor in her room. They are usually bright and colorful. Looking at them seems to evoke a feeling of happiness. So that got me to thinking. To some degree or another we all strive for peace in our lives. In the 60′s it was all about peace not war. We could still use more peace and less war. But in our personal lives, we strive for peace in our relationships, peace in our family, peace in our work life. And sometimes, just sometimes, we just want a little peace and quiet!


We all have love in our lives to some degree, and we all desire to love and be loved. We love our spouse, our parents, our children. Some of us love chocolate, sunshine, fall days, clean sheets, a quiet house. Love. It’s in our lives in many different ways. We give it, and we receive it. As I type this post, my one year old is sitting next to me, with his arms wrapped around me hugging me. Love. Until of course he turns around and starts typing on my keyboard!

Real Life



This is my family. With all our flaws. I love each of them dearly with all of my heart. Some days are full of peace, and some days, well, you know the story. It’s real life! In the social media society, we all like to portray a certain side of our life. Seriously. Who wants to show the not so fun times, the projects that fail, and the bad days? We have our real life, and well, our social media life. I don’t claim to be perfect. I’m not the perfect mother or wife. In all honestly, none of us are. But perfect is subjective. We all have our own idea of what perfect is. My life isn’t perfect, but it’s the life I live. So with that, I will be sharing about real life! The ups, the downs, the good times, and the bad. The things we do, the ways in which I try to keep our family healthy. The trials and errors. Because that’s what life is. It’s like the projects and recipes that we try from Pinterest. They look great on Pinterest, but sometimes, they don’t always turn out the way we planned or hoped. Real life.

My real life is hectic, busy, and many times chaotic keeping up with three children in different phases of life. Owning a business with my husband. Developing my own skin care line, www.lifeworksskinessentials.com. So how on earth do I have time to blog? Well, it’s something that I am doing for myself. For many years I toyed around with the idea, just never made the time for it. Writing is my passion. It is my outlet. When I put pen to paper, or the screen in this case, it lets my creative energy flow. Writing to me is a way to free my mind and soul. Kind of like talking to your best friend. Writing has always been my passion. I have a degree in Communication. But then real life happened. And I finally was lucky enough to find a job through which I could utilize my passion. And then, out of a set of unfortunate circumstances, that job was gone. So this blog was born out of my desire for a creative outlet in which I can express my words, the way I want to.

After I initially created the blog, I was diagnosed with an auto immune skin disease, Lichen Sclerosus. Through my journey with this diagnosis, and living with the condition, I have done a lot of research, and discovered many things about the miserable condition that may help others who also live with it. I hope that the personal stories and information I have discovered that I share, will help someone else living with the condition have hope for their future living with Lichen Sclerosus.

My desire is that through this blog a few people will gain a good idea, some new knowledge, better their health and wellness, or just get a chuckle. So here it is. Welcome to my little piece of the real world! Thanks for joining me!

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