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As I am standing in my kitchen cooking grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids lunches tomorrow, and watching a tray of bacon cook in the oven (Which by the way smells delicious! Who doesn’t love bacon?!), my mind drifts off to a comment that was left on my blog post Lichen Sclerosus – There IS Hope that was left over the weekend. It has been on my mind the past couple days. So I decided to make efficient use of my time, and jot down my thoughts (err type them in my blog app) while I am standing over the stove.

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I had…” that many clients, that nice of a house, that expensive car… ” I wish I was…” that successful, that smart, that wealthy… Whatever the thought may be, we have all had those moments that we wish we were something we weren’t, or wish we could attain something we haven’t. The keeping up with the Jones’ mentality. The I should be able to have what everyone else has notion. The thoughts that drive some people to CREATE dreams and DO big things, but that remain wishes for many others. And sometimes that desire to have or be something you aren’t turns into HATE.


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When I originally shared my very personal story about living with Lichen Sclerosus, I had absolutely no intentions of ever turning it into a business. That was not even a thought in my mind. I shared my story, and the recipe that I created, from a place deep within my heart that truly wanted to help others find relief and better wellness. Over time and the course of some events with the essential oil company that I was a distributor for, I was no longer able to just share my recipe, at the request of the essential oil company. After having numerous conversations with friends and mentors, it was brought to my attention that I had the SOLUTION to a PROBLEM. Something that many people needed. Something that could change people’s lives. And that I should take that solution and turn it into a business, just as so many successful entrepreneurs have done. So I did. I started a business, LifeWorks Skin Essentials, and created my flagship product, Restore Natural Oil Blend. I have invested a lot of time, as well as money, to provide a product that fills a void in the health and wellness field. And it’s working. It’s providing people that have an un-treatable and miserable skin condition with relief from some of the symptoms. Relief that wasn’t available before, and that they never thought they would find. And with that relief it is providing a HOPE for a better and healthier future.

But of course with any success comes the HATE. Those people I talked about above that want what you have. In this case, the HATE seems to be that some people (albeit only a few that have voiced it) feel like I am taking advantage of people who have a miserable health condition. That this is an emotional and miserable condition and that I should be GIVING my recipe away, not turning it into a product for sale. That I am taking money from people that I shouldn’t be. You can please some people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I guess I have a hard time understanding how selling the product I am selling is any different from any other health and wellness product. And guess what? I also live with this miserable condition and all that goes along with it. So yeah, I know EXACTLY what it is like.

Unfortunately in the age we now live in, everyone wants something for nothing. In this case, you did the research but you should just SHARE it with everyone. Everyone else shouldn’t have to do the research, invest the time, invest the money, invest the passion. Divide the knowledge among all those that need it. (Hmmmm this is sounding very similar to a current political candidates stance on things… 😜) This particular commenter even suggested that at her young age, if this is what she has to look forward to, her outlook living with this condition is bleak at best. Well, I say to that, I chose to EMBRACE my life with Lichen Sclerosus, and find ways to live a better life with it. I chose to DO something about it! YOU have control over your outlook and your future, CHOOSING your destiny. You can choose to have a bleak outlook on your future, or you can choose to embrace it.

The few “hate” comments that I have received, I have not let bother me. I don’t dwell on it. I do dwell on the emails that I receive from people thrilled that for the first time they are able to manage their symptoms. Thanking me for creating a product that really works. Sharing their success stories with me. Excited to have hope that they never thought they would have. So you know what haters? Just go on and hate. But I am going to continue plugging away and doing what I’m doing. Investing time and money to find better ways to bring this product to the people that really need it.

My advice to any of you who have a spark of a dream, a thought of something you can do, or be, or create? In the words of a very smart little three year old, my son Brett, “Let’s do this!” You CAN do it. You WILL do it. Take charge of your thoughts and don’t let others (the HATERS) bring you down. Don’t let others tell you that you can’t. Don’t think you aren’t good enough, smart enough, strong enough, wealthy enough. Don’t think that because you are a stay at home mom that you don’t have time. Don’t let the hate overtake your thoughts. I am just an average person like you. I have an average college degree. I live like everyone else. But I had a spark of a dream, led by a passion to help others. I listened to others encouragement and I allowed that spark to grow, and turn into a dream. And I made that dream a reality!

Haters gonna hate, no matter what you do. But the number of supporters will far outweigh the haters. So go on, create a dream! And turn that dream into reality. And ignore the haters.

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The author of www.peaceloveandreallife.com, Laura, is an essential oil lover, entrepreneur, and mom of three living with the auto immune disease Lichen Sclerosus. She writes about the ups and downs of every day life... real life!

5 comments on “Haters Gonna Hate

  1. I have tried soooo much stuff I am at my wits end. I am ALWAYS the exception. I was SURE the super expensive EMUAID was going to help me. NOPE!! Sending it back tomorrow for a refund. So I found your product. I have used some oils. Am TOTALLY against steroid cream. I used it for a very short time when first diagnosed. I’m praying this is the one. I am ordering tomorrow.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m 35 newly diagnosed I just started using your product because i deserve better than steroids and hormones … on day 2 and holy cow praising Jesus that He lead me to you!
    God bless you I hope your business is a smashing success!

    1. Jeanie, thank you so much for your kind words! I am thrilled to hear that the product is helping you. Stories like these are what drive me to continue to reach more people who suffer with this condition! I hope you continue finding relief with the product!

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