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I hate to admit this, but I am 40 years old and up until this point have not been one to really ever set goals. Sure over the years I have had fleeting thoughts about things I would like to do or achieve, but I can’t say that I have truly sat down and written out a real dream or goal to work towards, let alone the steps to get there. And apparently I am not in the minority. Most people either don’t have goals, or don’t write them down. Research shows that those who write down their goals achieve significantly more than their counterparts who do not write down goals. So maybe that explains why I feel like I haven’t achieved much in my life…

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Not only have I not been one to set goals or find a dream, but I can honestly say that at 40 years old I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I graduated high school having an interest in accounting but not truly knowing what I wanted to focus my college course of study in, starting my freshman year declaring a major in Business Administration. This seemed like a good path given my interest in accounting, but I still had no specific focus. During my first year one of my Business courses, Statistics, gave me a wake up call to the parts of business that I didn’t enjoy, and didn’t come easily to me. And as I continued to think about a career in accounting, I came to realize that I was too creative to crunch numbers all day. The more I thought about what I enjoyed, the more I thought about the Communication field. After much thought I changed my major to Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. I loved all of my Communication classes, they encompassed so many things I enjoyed, embraced the more creative side I had. But after graduation the job market was tough, and I had a difficult time finding a job, and a difficult time finding a focus because my course of study was so broad.

After several years and a couple of job changes I finally found a position that I loved, working for a wonderful and creative company. It fit me perfectly, and I loved my coworkers. It was a fun atmosphere and allowed me to use my talents and enjoy what I was doing. Then I became pregnant with my first child, and during the pregnancy the company decided to close the division that I worked in. My last day with the company was right before my due date. While I hated to leave a job I truly enjoyed, I viewed it as a blessing to get to be home with my child.

After being home for a few years and having another child I decided to get back into the work force to give myself something to challenge my brain, and to be around people. I worked a few part time jobs that fit around our family and life, but did not fit within any certain career path. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grow up…

After eventually going back to work full time for a few years, I became pregnant with my third child, and was once again faced with the decision to stay home or continue working. After working from home part time for awhile, the company decided to change directions with their plan and I was out of a job. At this point I was nearly 40, and still didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grow up… And now out of a job. So I decided to continue staying home with my children, and dabbled in some Multi Level Marketing ventures that didn’t really pan out the way I had hoped. I guess it’s just not my cup of tea.

Enter where we are today. All of the years that I worked off and on between children with no career path, I had absolutely no goals, no vision, no dreams to reach towards. And didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grow up. Then I was diagnosed with a miserable auto immune skin disease, Lichen Sclerosus, that has no medical treatment that truly works, and no cure. You can read about it in my post Lichen Sclerosus – There IS Hope. After suffering and using medical protocols that did nothing to help my condition, I set out to research and try to find something I could do naturally that might help relieve the symptoms. I created an essential oil based formula that actually provided relief for the first time. My doctor was amazed at the results I was getting. So, I wrote the blog post about it and had a huge amount of traffic to that particular post. So many people were contacting me wanting to know exactly what I used, desperate to find something to help after living miserably for years. After blending my recipe themselves, many reached back out to me thanking me for sharing this with them, that it was a life changer. I was encouraged that the formula was not only working for me, but for many others as well. And I was changing lives and helping people to feel better. Then enter everything that began happening with the FDA and homeopathic products, and I was no longer able to share my recipe after the essential oil company that I was a distributor for asked me to remove any specifics about essential oils and medical conditions from my blog site. Then the wheels started turning. There had to be a way to get this out there to all of the people, like me, that suffer from Lichen Sclerosus. After talking with several entrepreneur friends, I was encouraged to do as so many others have done. I had a solution to a problem that people needed to solve. So I set out to create the solution in the form of a skin care product. And www.lifeworksskinessentials.com was born! Over the past few months the orders have slowly come in, and are now growing at a pretty good pace. I am beginning to see a good amount of repeat customers, and continue receiving emails from customers with positive feedback about how the product has worked for them, and helped them to find relief after years of suffering. My passion for helping others and continuing to grow this business increases every day. After meeting with a local entrepreneur that took a similar path with a natural product that has now been FDA approved, I am even more encouraged than ever to keep pushing forward to get my product in front of all those who could benefit from it. And I now have a goal. I am taking the steps to research and put together a proposal for testing and clinical trials to work towards FDA approval of the product, which will allow me to more effectively market the product to those who need it. Finally having a goal to work towards and a real passion for something is both exciting and scary all at the same time. I feel like I have a purpose outside of my family, something that I can call my own, a dream that can help provide a better life for my family, and a goal that will help others achieve better health and wellness so that they can fully enjoy their family. But of course reaching these dreams and goals won’t come without sacrifice and time. But I am determined to do what it takes to fulfill this dream, and reach this goal. Thanks to the support and encouragement of many people in my life and new connections that I have formed, I know that I can do this. Now to just figure out exactly how to get there…

Are you one of the few that actually sets and writes down goals? Or are you in the majority that doesn’t? I am quickly learning that if you don’t have a dream or a goal, you have nothing solid to work towards. So get out there, find your passion, create a dream, and set a goal! And then work towards it! And yes, moms, you CAN do it!

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