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I’m always on the lookout for new DIY recipes for natural beauty products. I hate using chemical laden products on my skin, but so often natural ones are expensive. Since I have been using essential oils I am constantly finding more ways to use them and learning more about the properties of different oils. I am fascinated by the versatility of essential oils and how one oil can be used for so many different purposes.

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I have very sensitive skin so I am always cautious trying new products on my face. I have been looking at recipes, ingredients, and essential oils to find a good combination that will be gentle on my skin. And I think I have come across it! The best part, it’s very economical to make. No breaking the bank on this one!

I have been using this face wash for about a week. Before I started using it I had a lot of redness on my face, with some minor acne on my chin, and red bumps and splotches in various spots. Amazingly, after a week of using this wash just one time a day, most of it has cleared up and my skin looks and feels fantastic. After using the wash my face feels really clean, and by morning it feels smooth and moisturized. The tone and appearance has improved. I call that a winner!

There are numerous essential oils that can be used depending on your skin type. That’s the beauty of this, you can tailor it to fit your needs! Determine which oils are best suited for your skin type, will achieve the results you are looking for, and what oils you have on hand. The combination I have used is a good basic blend for many skin types, three of the four oils come in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, and it smells great too!

4 oz. distilled water
4 oz. baby liquid Castile soap
12 drops Lavender essential oil
8 drops Frankincense essential oil
4 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil
4 drops Orange essential oil

Combine all ingredients in an empty foaming soap dispenser and mix well. (You should never store straight citrus essential oils in plastic because they can eat through plastic. This recipe only contains a very small amount of citrus oils and is okay to store in plastic. Take a look at some of the products with essential oils available for sale at health food stores. Many of them have essential oils in them and are sold in plastic.) Use one pump to wash face daily.

Super easy to make, and very affordable if you already have a supply of essential oils. Save your empty foaming soap bottles to make it even more cost efficient! I reused one I had on hand.

For more information on essential oils, visit the Essential Oils tab on my blog, or my Young Living website statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.


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