Remembering 9/11


On this day, 13 years after a horrific and tragic event brought on by the hands of terrorists that forever changed our country, I remember.

9/11 holds many memories and emotions for me personally. On 9/11/1999 I said vows for my first marriage. It was a beautiful day full of happiness and joy. Then, on 9/11/ 2001 our country was attacked.

I vividly recall where I was when I initially heard the news, as do many Americans. I was driving to work when I heard on the radio that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. It sounded terrible, but at that moment I couldn’t visualize the enormity of the event that had just taken place. I arrived at my office and joined my co-workers at Mary Engelbreit who were watching the media coverage in the conference room. When I saw the devastation, and that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center, my mind quickly turned. You see, I was 6 months pregnant with my first child. And my husband was in New York, and last I knew had been in the vicinity of the World Trade Center. I frantically tried calling his cell phone, of course to no avail. The cellular networks were jammed. My mind was racing with so many thoughts about what had happened, not knowing where my husband was, and the fact that I was pregnant with my first child. In the end, I found out that my husband had left New York early that morning and had rented a car to drive to another meeting in Maine. But the hours of not knowing when I couldn’t get in touch with him were awful. I can’t even fathom what those who lost loved ones went through, and are still going through.

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Fast forward to 9/11/2009. One week before the date that year I filed for divorce. The final end to a marriage that had greatly lost it’s way, and two people who were incredibly unhappy.

A few years passed and on 9/11/2011 I was getting ready to say I do in a few weeks to my soul mate and best friend.

I look back on the last 13 years of my life, and never would have been able to predict the timeline of events that would occur. 13 years of many emotions and changes. Some happy, some sad. But in the end, 13 years later, I have a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children. Although I wouldn’t change the course that my life took, looking back, I would change many of my decisions over the course of that 13 years.

In reflecting on the changes that have occurred in my life in the last 13 years, I can’t help but reflect on the changes that have occurred in our country. Again I could never have predicted what has happened in this country over the last 13 years. And I wonder, if we were again attacked by terrorists, 13 years later, how would we respond as a nation this time around? Our country seems to be in turmoil and at odds over many political issues. It really frightens me for my children’s futures. How can we as a nation say we will remember, come together united as a country, and a few years later be laughed at by the world? We are no longer a nation united, but one at odds. At odds with political parties and with one another. What has gone wrong with us as a nation? We now riot and cause increased turmoil after events like those that occurred in Ferguson, MO. Our leader gives speeches to express his concern for events and minutes later is on a golf course. We have lost control of our borders. A rising amount of our population has decided not to work and to live on government assistance provided by other Americans. Our government has forced a healthcare policy on our country that was built on free choice. I could go on and on. Given how we have handled so many situations since 9/11, how would we as a nation respond if we were attacked again? Would we come together united as a nation, or would we riot, loot, and burn things?

13 years later I am greatly disappointed in the direction this nation has turned. 9/11 is a date I will never forget, for many reasons.


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