Top Three Essential Oils for Beginners


If you are new to the essential oil world, read the information on my Essential Oils tab. I have broken down some basics that you need to know before venturing into essential oils. What I didn’t include, due to how long it would make the information on the page, was what essential oils I would recommend for beginners.


Young Living has a great Everyday Essential Oil kit that includes their top 9 selling oils in small bottles. If you buy it with a starter kit, it is a great value compared to the normal price. I admit that there are a few oils in the Everyday Oils kit that I rarely use, and others that make my favorites list.

Essential oils can be overwhelming at first. There are so many to choose from! You have to think about what you think you will be using them for and prioritize which ones are most important. Essential oils are not cheap if you buy quality, therapeutic grade oils like Young Living. It takes time to build your kit.

But essential oils can be used for so many purposes. I originally started out using them in homemade cleaning products, and have expanded them to beauty products, first aid, among many other uses.

Due to their numerous properties, lending them for multi uses, if you can only afford to start with a few oils, my top three favorites are:
Lavender oil
Lemon oil
Thieves oil

Lavender Oil

If you start with one and only one oil, it would have to be Lavender. It is such an amazing oil with so many versatile properties. Lavender can be diffused to cleanse and purify the air and used in cleaning products to sanitize. It is wonderful for many reasons when used on the skin- healing, cleansing, moisturizing, slows signs of aging, making it great for many skin conditions. It also may be used to suppress occasional muscle spasm, ease coughing, and soothe symptoms brought on by seasonal irritants.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil can be used in cleaning products to sanitize, in beauty products to purify and tone the skin, ingested to help eliminate toxins, diffused to purify and cleanse the air. I put several drops in water all day and drink it. In addition to the properties it has, it adds a fresh flavor to water. Lemon oil is also a great natural degreaser, I add it to dishwater, dishwasher and laundry detergent, and use it in place of goo gone. It can also be used with other oils to ease congestion. And it smells great when blended with Lavender oil!

 Thieves Oil

Thieves cropped
Thieves oil is another multi purpose oil. It is a Young Living proprietary blend of lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, rosemary, and clove oils. The combination packs a powerful punch and helps support a healthy immune system. Thieves oil can be diffused to purify the air . It can be diluted and rubbed on the soles of the feet and ingested in a capsule to boost the immune system. Thieves oil can be used in cleaners to sanitize surfaces. I make a disinfectant spray that I carry around with me to clean tables and high chairs for my little one. The uses are endless. And it is completely safe to use around children and pets.

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