Attitude of Gratitude


This morning as I was putting on the ring that my husband, I mean my kiddos, got me for Christmas, I thought back to Christmas Day when I received it, and how full my heart was at that very moment.


You see, my husband and I had agreed to not buy each other anything for Christmas. If we want or need something, we usually buy it. We prefer to buy gifts for the kids and family and enjoy giving. That’s why above I said from my husband, I mean my kiddos. The gift was handed to me by the kids, and I was told that it was from them. Being a gift small in size, I didn’t think anything of it being from the “kids”. Then I opened it. Inside I found this ring, nothing expensive or fancy, but a pretty little diamond ring that I had seen in passing while we were at the store, and just mentioned that it was pretty.

Although we had agreed to not buy each other gifts, my husband thought enough about the moment that I just casually said it was pretty, to take the kids, and go back to the store and purchase it for me. I felt really guilty since we had agreed to not buy gifts for each other and I had only given him some stocking stuffers, dress socks and some mints. Wow. I feel terrible! My husband bought the ring knowing that I liked it, and that I don’t often buy things for myself. What a wonderful, loving thing for him to do.

As I continued to think about that, I started to think about all of things he has changed in his life, and given up, after the kids and I came into his life. When we met I was recently divorced with a 5 and 8-year-old. He was a bachelor. He was able to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and spend his money on whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Then his world was turned upside down when the three of us came into his life.

Today I thought about just how much he has given up and sacrificed taking on an instant family. Although he knew that going in to it, his life was changed in many ways. We sold his smaller “bachelor” home and purchased a larger home to have enough space for his newly expanded life. He gave up his motorcycle and boat in order to remodel our new home. His schedule was no longer just his, but based around two children. More bills and expenses with three more people in his life.

I know that I don’t tell him often enough just how grateful I am for so many things that he has given me. Aside from the financial sacrifices that he made taking on this instant family, he has given me so much more. He is a wonderful father to my children, which he considers his too. He has never treated them as if they weren’t his own. And now that we have added a third, I see him in an even different wonderful way as a parent. He has dealt with many trials and tribulations brought in from my former life, and never once complained. He supported me through a very long and difficult custody battle. And when I was ready to give up the battle due to the cost, he insisted that I fight for what was right for the children, and we would figure it out. He has been my best friend, my rock, my spouse. He has encouraged me in every single thing that I have wanted to do in my life. He is always there to listen and encourage me when I am down.

I tend to become so wrapped up in real life, and so busy keeping up with the kids schedules, the house, and work, that I tend to get stressed. I don’t often enough step back to truly think about how grateful I am for the life that he has created with me, and for the wonderful human being that he is. I don’t often enough thank him for the little things that he does.

With a grateful heart I thank you for all that you are, for all that you have done, and for all that you will continue to do. When I forget to tell you, just know that I love you!


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